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Ryan Sheridan - The Day You Live Forever

Жанр: Irish Pop-Rock, Acoustic
Страна-производитель диска: Ierland
Год издания: 2011
Издатель (лейбл): Rubyworks Ltd. ‎
Номер по каталогу: n/a
Страна: Ierland
Аудиокодек: FLAC (*.flac)
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 00:37:53
Источник (релизер): Bandcamp
Наличие сканов в содержимом раздачи: нет
01. Stand Up Tall [00:03:59]
02. Jigsaw [00:03:22]
03. Take It All Back [00:04:11]
04. All & More [00:03:43]
05. The Dreamer [00:02:32]
06. Endless Road [00:03:33]
07. High Roller [00:03:16]
08. Machine [00:04:56]
09. The Game [00:02:56]
10. The Day You Live Forever [00:05:19]
PERFORMER: auCDtect Task Manager, ver. 1.5.1RC6 build
Copyright (c) 2008-2010 y-soft. All rights reserved
ANALYZER: auCDtect: CD records authenticity detector, version 0.8.2
Copyright (c) 2004 Oleg Berngardt. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2004 Alexander Djourik. All rights reserved.
FILE: 01. Stand Up Tall.flac
  Size: 27789425 Hash: C65BA45F6FACF5FCE789B592F8D4FBF9 Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: BE16CD677D86C246681733DBCBE4C94F77F687CF
FILE: 02. Jigsaw.flac
  Size: 24503427 Hash: 2C80F7EA46266EC0463CBEAD6ED6F4BC Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: 335AA7A03BA5E1F06B9EB604194DE7613FE9E962
FILE: 03. Take It All Back.flac
  Size: 28763895 Hash: 192F03158A246516CEA94D94A261F09E Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: 57CEBC7FAD9867FA0241CBE27376557FEC6D862D
FILE: 04. All & More.flac
  Size: 24637882 Hash: F07042E6149BE4F1C1DF0B37C43E1A8F Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: CD57F4011BC19A78E9BE3AD2C148B47869F900AC
FILE: 05. The Dreamer.flac
  Size: 18224102 Hash: 8B0FDE2D73BE33FFC9A4618F88F41AF6 Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: 1B17356593BAFD2D81B4AAC8829F4E9DD46656EB
FILE: 06. Endless Road.flac
  Size: 22037634 Hash: 7FF6C8F4219268917A1E286E653E880C Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: 65047652E4B165F8AEA5FF206E65EA13609B6AB8
FILE: 07. High Roller.flac
  Size: 23157883 Hash: 400E3DD9821AD7A8E2422B2D5E11B4DB Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: 30975C4E4EB952C64C66EC3BF881C5979F5B3078
FILE: 08. Machine.flac
  Size: 33425120 Hash: A5A4536FD745042635E0C04065831B6B Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: 2DDE186CB324E7BAD888A7AA567E0DC677277FF6
FILE: 09. The Game.flac
  Size: 21604086 Hash: 96637EBF534254917BB1B28482F1FDC2 Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: EE9E5C6D494FD63A34BFF38DA9C719211D90EA96
FILE: 10. The Day You Live Forever.flac
  Size: 38821636 Hash: 2A45420080D61E5F38F0289B66EFF4F1 Accuracy: -m0
  Conclusion: CDDA 100%
  Signature: C8D6B8842E415C737D2AB01D10760303F6616EF7
Ryan Sheridan took the long way 'round to success. After toughing it out with bar shows in New York and time spent with a group in Glasgow, the Monaghan man and his percussionist Artur Graczyk got their big break busking. In Dublin.
Sheridan's songs and the duo's chops must've stood out a mile in Temple Bar - even hapless A&R man Artie Fufkin from 'This Is Spinal Tap' would've realised he was on to something after hearing them.
While Sheridan could've done with capturing more of the roughness and readiness of those street shows in the studio, his acoustic guitar-driven mix of stomping and swooning pop-rock is expertly crafted, and 'The Day You Live Forever' comes with a big bow wrapped around it for any labels or stations across the Atlantic.
He's at his most exciting when he races himself on the frets, with 'Stand Up Tall', last year's breakthrough 'Jigsaw', current single 'The Dreamer' and 'The Game' pointing the way for the future.
In the meantime, this record is a happy ending to one man's dogged persistence - Sheridan will enjoy many more of them.
Harry Guerin
Tracklisting: Stand Up Tall - Jigsaw - Take It All Back -All and More - The Dreamer - Endless Road - High Roller - Machine - The Game - The Day You Live Forever
Source: http://www.rte.ie/
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