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Controlled Bleeding - Penetration
Жанр: EBM
Год выпуска диска: 1992
Производитель диска: Germany
Аудио кодек: APE
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Битрейт аудио: lossless
Продолжительность: 48:26
Источник: ослосеть (rat)
1. Blessed Is The Burning Room (4:45)
2. Now Is The Time (3:44)
3. Auto-Grind (Vocal Mix) (4:46)
4. Consecration's Will (4:44)
5. Dead Man Reality (4:28)
6. In Penetration (J.A.T.H. Remix) (3:34)
7. Will To Power (And Throwin' Down) (4:42)
8. Praying In Fire (7:08)
9. Scrap Metal (Part 3 - Live) (3:47)
10. Awakened Beneath The Ground (6:44)
Доп. информация:
EAC extraction logfile from 21. April 2007, 20:20 for CD
Controlled Bleeding / Penetration
Used drive  : SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-248F   Adapter: 0  ID: 0
Read mode   : Secure with NO C2, accurate stream, disable cache
Read offset correction : 97
Overread into Lead-In and Lead-Out : No
Used output format : Internal WAV Routines
                     44.100 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo
Other options      :
    Fill up missing offset samples with silence : Yes
    Delete leading and trailing silent blocks : No
    Installed external ASPI interface
Range status and errors
Selected range
     Filename E:\Controlled Bleeding - Penetration.by.rat.eac-ape.covers\Controlled Bleeding - Penetration.by.rat.eac-ape.covers.wav
     Peak level 100.0 %
     Range quality 99.9 %
     CRC 4A58DC64
     Copy OK
No errors occured
End of status report
Controlled Bleeding is an experimental band originally formed in Boston around 1978 by Paul Lemos, Jack Salerno and Dave Southerland. Later, returning to Massapequa, New York, Lemos joined forces with old school chums, Gary Pecorino and Tony Meola in the first recorded version of the band, creaControlled Bleeding: Paul Lemos, Joe Papa and Chris Moriartyting instrumental music that has been described as a collision between The Ramones and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Their blazing performances at CBGB's and Stony Brook University in the early '80s, along with various demos, and studio recordings (including the group's first 7"), were recently released on the BEFORE THE QUIET CD (on MVD Audio).
Pecorino and Lemos would soon part ways due to musical differences over the presence of the three hundred pound scat singing eccentric that is Joe Papa. (Papa answered an ad for a singer in a local music paper, since the group was getting frustrated by the lack of response to their instrumental exercises). With the addition of Chris Moriarty on drums and a few other players, the band continued briefly, but soon imploded after their first disastrous show with the new expanded line up. (Excerpts from this performance with Papa and Moriarty can also be heard on the aforementioned BEFORE THE QUIET CD).
Frustrated working with others, Lemos soon started venting his inner poisons through solo experiments in pure screaming cacophony, first documented on the SWALLOWING SCRAP METAL cassette compilation issued in 1982. After receiving encouraging response to these first noise experiments, Lemos recruited Moriarty and Papa once more and soon embarked on a violent creative course that resulted in cassette releases on early noise labels like Broken Flag, XXX, and Swinging Axe. The band's classic first album, KNEES AND BONES which now stands as one of the earliest documents of American power electronics, was issued in 1983.
Through the course of the next few years, the group would issue a number of varied releases, moving away from pure noise into more textural areas. Albums like BODY SAMPLES, CURD, SONGS FROM THE DRAIN, and BETWEEN TIDES capture the group's raw, increasingly sophisticated aesthetic, blending elements of noise, prog rock, sacred music and musique concrete into something that was very much their own. Although most of their music has been fiercely experimental, Controlled Bleeding did work with Wax Trax! and Road Runner Records, issuing a handful of very visible, intensely rhythmic records. Recordings like TRUDGE and PENETRATION document this period and have dated suprisingly well.
Unfortunately, these more commercial endeavors never sat well with Lemos, and he soon moved away from the commercial marketplace almost entirely, issuing dark sonic experiments like those found on the group's best works, THE DROWNING, INANITION, DUB SONGS FROM A SHALLOW GRAVE, GILDED SHADOWS and THE POISONER CDs. Moriarty would soon leave the fold to pursue his own music in Body Clock, while Lemos and Papa would continue developing music of mournful, spiritual depth (MUSIC FOR STOLEN ICONS ll, GOLGOTHA CDs).
Although various side projects came and went through the years (Joined at the Head, Fat Hacker, In Blind Embrace, Breastfed Yak and Skin Chamber), Controlled Bleeding still exists and has recently issued the massive four LP archive project, SONGS FROM A SEWER OF DREAMS for the Vinyl On Demand label. The expanded reissue of IN BLIND EMBRACE (MVD Audio), which includes "Tormentor's Song" and "Red Hands Waiting," is slated for Oct 28th release, and a CD of new music is promised for mid 2009. Also in the works is a four CD box set of new and unreleased archive material from the Hong Kong based label Ultra Mail Prod, and another four LP box from Vinyl On Demand, collecting the group's early cassette releases.
Meanwhile, Lemos and Papa, along with Ruins drummer, Tatsuya Yoshida, have immersed themselves in the free jazz madness that is The Breastfed Yak. Their debut CD, GET YOUR GREASY HEAD OFF THE SHAM, was released by Birdman Records a few years ago and remains one of the most completely OUT musical experiences you are bound to encounter. Bleeding fans generally despise it, but Lemos feels it's his finest work to date... (Most of the band's releases are available through Amazon and iTUNES).
Controlled Bleeding's sound is confusingly varied from album to album and has contained elements of dub, free jazz, noise, prog, sacred music, dark ambient, classical and music concrete. To their own detriment, the group has never cared much about generating or maintaining an audience, but just sort of does whatever inspires them in the moment.
Controlled Bleeding weren't the most commercially successful of industrial bands, but they may have been the most prolific -- ever! By the release of 1992's Penetration, even the most arduous of fans would have to be forgiven if they couldn't name all of the band's LPs, EPs, split releases, cassettes and remixes, -- not to mention the wide range of stylistic experimentation that had become a staple of almost all of these. Penetration's ten offerings followed suit by not following suit; pushing an eclectic mix of electronic sounds whose only common thread was their trademark, scratched-out, or robotic vocals (often buried deep inside the mix like some kind of afterthought), and an always prominent percussive agenda -- and not just electronic, but analog when need be, too. Funky opener "Blessed in the Burning Room" and pulsing follow-up "Now Is the Time" precede the heavier guitar artillery and claustrophobic circle-riffs unleashed for in-your-face remixes of "Auto-Grind" and "In Penetration," while the nerve-fraying "Scrap Metal (Pt. 3 -- Live)" dabbles into violent, paralyzing white noise. Other contrasts take listeners on a mesmerizing journey from the relative minimalism of "Will to Power," to the meatier grooves of "Consecration's Will," and finally the warm, lush synthesizer orchestrations of "Awake Beneath the Ground." All told, these many variations may leave some listeners too confused to deal, but for neophytes whose entire notion of industrial music is restricted to the metallic template of Ministry or KMFDM, Controlled Bleeding albums like Penetration offer quite a revelation.
by Eduardo Rivadavia, allmusic
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